Jan 25, 2011


Mixed media, pen, marker, charcoal, art stix, color pencil 8.5x11.5

Modern Day Pirate

Oil painting on oil board 11x14 available


Oil painting on linen 6.5x9.5 available

Bonaventure Cemetery

Oil on linen 7x9 available

Self Portrait

Oil painting on Canvas 16x20 in private collection


Oil paint on wood 8.5x10 available

Where is the Love

Pencil and Photoshop CS4 8.5x11 prints available


Hand colored print. Black and white print on watercolor paper, watercolor and colored pencil. 5x7 available


Typical process work for a painting. From sketches and thumbnails, to a line drawing, fallowed by line work, a final value study, and a final color study. Col-erase pencils and Photoshop CS5